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Marriage: a leap for Methodists, a shuffle for the Church of England

The British Methodist church has taken a leap forward towards

Stuck in earlier modern thinking on gender, the Vatican fails young people

The Vatican has attacked ‘gender theory’ in a widely-criticised

Sacking Sandwell lecturer damages equality and free speech

A black lecturer in the West Midlands was sacked after writing 'racist' on a poster about the controversial counter-extremism programme

Disturbing evidence on Sri Lanka Easter bombers’ connections

The Sri Lankan authorities face tough questions after alarming allegations about terrorists linked with the Easter Day bombi

Birmingham schools row is not a clash of religious and LGBT equality

A heated row continues over teaching in Birmingham schools which encourages lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT

Terror threatens all Sri Lankan communities after Easter explosions

People of all communities queued to donate blood after horrific terror attack

Tackling far right violence after the New Zealand massacre

Forty-nine people were killed  on 15 March 2019 after shootings at t

Death, failure, oppression and hope in Lent

Mortality, weakness, poverty and oppression – the Ash Wednesday service throws light on what is wrong in the world and ourselves.

Damaged democracy and Brexit

As concern grows about the harm which Brexit may cause, some people still insist that it should not be reconsidered because it reflects the 'will of the people'.

Welcoming transgender Christians and valuing discipleship: letter to Bishops misses the point

Over 2000 people have