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Bishop’s call to deny communion defies church on LGBTI welcome

The Bishop of Maidstone, Rod Thomas, has encouraged clergy not to be too ready to give communion to people who are ‘unworthy’ because of their same-se

Brazilian Anglicans’ ‘yes’ to marrying same-sex couples

The Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil has decided to open up church marriage to same-sex couples.

Warmongering versus faith as Trump ditches Iran deal and moves US embassy

President Donald Trump has denounced Iran and withdrawn from an agreement aimed at preventing it from developing nuclear weapons.

Life-threatening human rights violations a UK norm?

An anorexic mother-of-four was found dead in her freezing home after her benefits were stopped.

Child murder and temple desecration in today’s India

Responses to the horrific murder of an eight-year-old girl show the moral and spiritual damage caused by the growing power of India’s extreme right.

Terrorism and its opposite: the Stansted 15

Fifteen people are on trial for ‘terrorist’ offences because they were involved in nonviolent direct action to prevent harm to others.

The NHS crisis: profit, power and humanity

An estimated 60,000 people marched for the NHS  thr

Remembering Sivanandan: social justice activist and thinker

Ambalavaner Sivanandan, an activist, thinker and novelist, died on 3 January 2018, aged 94.

Are extrajudicial killings UK policy?

The UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Willamson, has been widely criticised after apparently threatening to have citizens who fought for Isil/Daesh killed.

UK terror threat throws spotlight on India’s far right

UK cinemas have postponed the opening of an Indian film after a far-right politician threatened that cinemas screening it would be set ablaze.