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Christian B&B owners did discriminate wrongfully

In February 2012, the Court of Appeal upheld an earlier ruling that B&B owners acted unlawfully when they turned away a gay couple. Some have claimed that this is putting protection against discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation above religious rights. But this is a false distinction.

Hazards of the current NHS reform

Organisations of health professionals have been lining up to denounce the Health and Social Care Bill. In view of the potential hazards to patients arising from reforms to the National Health Service in England, it is not hard to understand why.

Workless families and welfare cuts

“Britain’s social housing estates, once stepping stones of opportunity, are now ghettos for our poorest people,” Iain Duncan Smith, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, declared in 2009.

Austerity measures are hitting the British economy

Austerity measures are damaging the economy in Britain, Italy and Spain, warned Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman.

Why is government so determined to slash benefits for disabled people?

Why is the UK government so determined to slash benefits and public services for sick and disabled people and carers? Many people have pointed out the flaws in a harsh Welfare Reform Bill targeting those who are already badly-off.

Working for no pay: the government’s muddled policies

The government claims that its determined attempts to cut the living standards of the poor are necessary to cut public spending. Many have pointed out that the Welfare Reform Bill and other changes have immediate and long-term costs attached, so will not save nearly as much as is claimed. The rationale for harsh new measures looks even flimsier since it has emerged that the government is shelling out public money to take paid work away from the poor.

Mr Grayling, is the Welfare Reform Bill really affordable?

The UK government will press ahead with controversial welfare reforms, according to employment minister Chris Grayling. As a result of powerful evidence from disabled people and their supporters, including the ‘Responsible Reform’ report, several aspects of the Welfare Reform Bill were defeated in the House of Lords on 11 January 2012.

Assisted dying – ethical challenges

Assisted suicide should be legalised for terminally ill people, according to the Commission on Assisted Dying, chaired and funded by advocates of legalising assisted dying. No doubt a commission set up by opponents would come to a contrary conclusion. Some will applaud the strict conditions proposed, others fear that such measures would in time lead to euthanasia on a wider scale.

Social attitudes: a challenge to faith communities

Religious observance has declined over the years, the British Social Attitudes survey confirmed. The 28th report, published in December 2011, indicated that 50 per cent did not affiliate to a religion, and some who did seldom attended religious services or meetings.

How Nigeria's anti-gay bill is unjust and victimizing

The Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill 2011 in Nigeria (http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/node/15821), if it becomes law, will make life even more unpleasant for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people, who already face tough legal penalties, for their friends and for supporters of universal human rights.