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Many more to fund own social care if Conservatives win

Many people will lose the right to council help to pay for their social care if the Conservatives win the general election.

NHS prescribing restrictions and tax cuts for the rich

NHS prescribing may be further restricted, forcing yet more patients to buy medical products or, if they cannot afford this, to go without.

Re-enchanting the Activist - book review

Re-enchanting the Activist: Spirituality and Social Change by Keith Hebden, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016; £8.99

Being Sheffield’s bishop and the limits of inequality

Philip North, who had been chosen as Bishop of Sheffield, has withdrawn after intense controversy.

Lent and resistance in troubled times

Many Christians throughout the world are observing Lent, traditionally a season of spiritual reflection, self-discipline and repentance.

Church of England Synod rejects report for failing LGBTI people

The Church of England’s General Synod has rejected a House of Bishops report for its negative view of same-sex partnerships and marriage.

Sexuality, gender and disrespect for scripture

In 2017, the Church of England, along with several other churches, will be looking again at sexuality and gender identity.

Blocking married gay chaplain probably lawful, though pointless

The Church of England did not break the law by blocking a hospital chaplain from a job for being gay and married, the Employment Appeal Tribunal has

Treatment of disabled and unemployed people’s families an international scandal

The UK state’s treatment of disabled people violates basic human rights, a United Nations report has found.

Rejecting Ashers bakery appeal over ‘gay cake’ is dangerous

The court of appeal in Belfast has upheld a ruling against a bakery which refused to