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Bishops, balance and boldness

In Anglican and other churches where current policies get in the way of witnessing to Christ in word and deed, senior clergy and elders act in various wa

Huge disquiet as minority ethnic schoolchildren singled out

Some schools have demanded that pupils who are not white British bring in their passports and parents have been asked to confirm they are not asylum seek

‘Foreigners’ on notice in today’s unwelcoming UK

The recent stirring up of sentiment against ‘foreigners’ by UK government ministers risks damaging the economy and, at a deeper level, society.

Pope’s mixed messages on LGBTI inclusion

Pope Francis has again spoken in favour of a pastoral approach based on “accompanying” people regardless of sexual identity.

Faith leaders’ letter and protecting refugees

Over two hundred faith leaders have called on the UK government “urgently to revise its policy” and “offer sanctuary to more refugees.

A gay bishop and loving everyone: the dilemma of church leaders

Nicholas Chamberlain, the Anglican Bishop of Grantham, has come out as gay and in a relationship, though sexually abstinent in line with church rules.

Southern Africa reflects global Anglican shift on same sex marriage

Southern African Anglicans are considering whether to allow church blessings of same-sex unions.

United Reformed Church offers freedom to marry same-sex couples

The United Reformed Church will let local churches host marriages of same-sex couples, if congregations so choose .

Methodists welcome LGBT people and review understanding of marriage

The Methodist Church in Britain will revisit how marriage is defined and understood (http://www.ekklesia.c

UN report, human rights and healing the UK

A United Nations report has revealed widespread human rights violations in the UK.