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Action at Westminster to defend the Independent Living Fund

If the government gets its way, the Independent Living Fund (ILF) is closing.

Moses, religion, liberation and tyranny

BBC Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' series will look at the significance of the biblical story of Moses and Exodus for Jews, Christians and Muslims in a programme to be broadcast at 4.30pm on Monday 5 January 2015, featuring Ekklesia associate Keith Hebden among others.

Remembering the Holy Innocents through creative nonviolence

Three days after Christmas Day, Western Christians commemorate the Feast of Holy Innocents. It seems even more apposite to remember the victims of tyranny and violence at a time of child soldiers and the capture and sexual slavery of female children in several parts of the world.

Compelling refutations of the austerity narrative

PRIME (Policy Research in Macroeconomics) have published an online booklet which really ought to be required reading in an election year, both by politicians and by prospective voters.

Update: Christmas and New Year on Ekklesia

Ekklesia is continuing to operate over the holiday period, but in a slightly modified way.

Re-thinking Boxing Day in the foodbank society

Due not least to the ubiquity of 'Downton Abbey' on television this Christmas (no, I don't, since you ask) many more people will be aware – if they weren't already – of the background to Boxing Day (26 December).

Ten years on from the Indian Ocean tsunami

On 26 December 2004, some 250,000 people were killed when an earthquake in the Indian Ocean triggered a tsunami wave that wiped out whole communities across south Asia.

The Magi and civil disobedience to unjust authority

Thanks to Ekklesia's Australian associate, Doug Hynd, for pointing us in the direction of an intriguing piece about civil disobedience at the heart of the nativity story - and from an unexpected source.

Christmas Day: God's birth?

What is that we are faced with when we contemplate the birth of Jesus in the east?

Fourth Sunday in Advent: God’s peace

The Epistle set for today speaks of “the peace of God, which passes all understanding, and that will keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and love of Jesus the Christ.”