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Cherie tells Tony (and us) about restorative justice

Cherie Booth QC is to talk on restorative justice in the Gospels this Lent.

Order Norman Kember's new book

You can get the former Iraq hostage's book via Ekklesia, with proceeds going to peace and justice causes.

Violent for peace?

Maggi Dawn's new piece in the Culture and Review section, Getting angry for justice, reminded me of another book.

Arguing about prisons

Anne Atkins is talking a lot of sense about prisons, and why they don't work.

Happy International Women's Day

Here on Ekklesia, we have good reason for knowing that women hold up half the sky.

Spotting true religion

God-gabbling is easy. A holy disposition towards life isn't.

Emerging church, gays, land, films... and corrections

There's exciting new material going up on the site all the time.

Bishop wrong to support nuclear strike

In the name of blog

Goodness, not another weblog?

Restoring our faith in free speech

-Jun 15, 2006