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I am voting 'remain' to get my country back

Thursday 23 June 2016 won’t just be a referendum about our membership of Europe. It will be a vote about the kind of country we want to be. The kind of world we want to live in.

In praise of the Joint Public Issues Team on truth and lies about poverty

When I received an embargoed press release a few weeks ago from the Joint Public Issues Team (The Methodist Church, Baptist Church, United Reformed Church) and the Church of Scotland about their new “Truth and Lies about Poverty” campaign, my heart leaped.

How the Chancellor isn't 'getting rid of the UK's Financial Transaction Tax'

In the Budget statement yesterday (20 March 2013), the Chancellor George Osborne reiterated how he was turning his back on a share of the £30-35bn a year which would come from a small Financial Transaction Tax. This is while other countries in Europe including France, Germany and Spain, benefit from it.

New research reveals how clergy claimed compensation for slave ownership

There was an item on the Today Programme on Radio 4 this morning about UCL’s project to research the legacies of British Slave Ownership.

Impact of Restorative Justice on racially disparate exclusions

As highlighted in the report from the Children’s Commissioner earlier this year on school exclusions, Government

A closer look at the Christian cases going to the European Court of Human Rights

I was down to do the Radio 4 Sunday Programme at the weekend, but at the last minute told by the programme that the Christian Legal Centre was refusing to discuss with me the cases of the four Pentecostal Christians whose complaints are being taken to the European Court of Human Rights.

Will we need blue badges in paradise?

Along with a couple of colleagues from Ekklesia I'll be at the Greenbelt Festival this weekend (which Mark Thomas says is his favourite alongsi

Archbishop of York endorses The Sun and The Sun on Sunday

I remember having a conversation with Giles Fraser a couple of years ago about writing for the Daily Mail. He has always been of the opinion that you can legitimately take an opportunity to write – even if it’s for a publication whose values you strongly disagree with.

UK to be left isolated, lose out on billions in public spending, as FTT goes ahead

The UK is set to miss out on billions of pounds of public spending as other countries in Europe push ahead with a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) leaving David Cameron sidelined.

Average Briton uses a Kenyan’s annual carbon emissions by 13 January

An interesting but powerful fact from the World Development Movement: By the end of tomorrow (Friday 13 January 2012), the average person in Britain will have emitted as much carbon dioxide as the average person in Kenya will in an entire year.