April 29, 2016

***Open Letter to Stephen Crabb, Work Capability Assessment Project, Housing Book, Peace Chaplaincy, Creative Conversations, Fr John Dear Talk, Goodbye Henrietta.***

We’re sorry for the lack of Partners Bulletin over the last two months. We’ve been very busy as you can see below!

Open Letter to Stephen Crabb. Following Iain Duncan Smith’s unexpected resignation, Ekklesia coordinated another successful open letter to Stephen Crabb from...

April 29, 2016

Could you Partner with Ekklesia to challenge austerity?

Over the last 6 years, Ekklesia has constantly challenged the idea that austerity is necessary, and that cuts must be implemented. We have documented the harsh effects of the cuts through research, commentary and news articles and by allying ourselves with those who are most effective.

This year feels like it could be a possible turning point. The disastrous budget, junior doctors strike and strong opposition to forced...