Assessing the party manifestos for core values and principles

Virginia Moffat...


Ekklesia’s General Election 2015 focus paper, ‘Vote for What You Believe In’, outlined ten core value-based principles that we feel are important for voters to consider when voting on 7 May. Party manifestos are documents with varying amounts of detail. We have taken the time to review the key points in each of seven parties' presentations to the electorate to see how well they reflect the core values and principles identified by Ekklesia in relation to establishing a socially just, more equal, peaceful and economically and environmentally sustainable society. Included are assessments of the Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Plaid Cymru, Scottish National Party and UKIP manifestos – with reference to others. This material is also about holding politicians to account after the election.


Introduction: assessing the manifestos - p1.
1. Conservative Party - p3
2. Green Party - p6
3. Labour Party - p9
4. Liberal Democrat Party - p11
5. Plaid Cymru - p13
6. Scottish National Party - p15
7. UKIP - p17
Summary Table - p19
Concluding comments: beyond the election - p20
About Ekklesia - p20

Read and download the full paper (*.PDF Adobe Acrobat document) here: http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/sites/ekklesia.co.uk/files/assessing_party_man...