Calais and beyond: responding humanely to the 'migrant crisis'

Vaughan Jones


The nightly news in Britain about the 'migrant crisis' (using language that is both confused and misleading) was sparked by developments and images from Calais. But the economic, political, environmental and conflict / human rights background of forced people movements, displacement and refugees is often absent or suppressed in panic-driven reporting. In this short and pointed paper, Ekklesia associate and board member Vaughan Jones, who has considerable professional experience in the field, offers an alternative perspective and prospectus for a humane, informed and positive approach to these issues.


Introduction: a sense of panic

1. Understanding what is happening
2. A global crisis
3. 'Lock-down': ineffective and inhumane
4. Calais in context
5. Misleading 'push' and 'pull' language
6. The need for action
7. A Christian response

Further resources
About the author and Ekklesia

Read and download the full paper (*.PDF Adobe Acrobat document) here: http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/sites/ekklesia.co.uk/files/calais-and-beyond.pdf