Assessing Christian contributions to the EU referendum debate

Simon Barrow


This document follows on from our longer paper on the EU referendum and beyond (Ekklesia, 13 June 2016), significantly supplementing, adapting and excerpting parts of What kind of European future? It sets out some of the main positions taken by the churches in the United Kingdom referendum debate about staying within, or leaving, the European Union. It provides an overview of key interventions by Christian bodies and individuals. It also references and analyses data and research on different Christian attitudes to European integration. Here we also set out, from Ekklesia’s perspective, an understanding of the ethical and theological dimensions of engagement with the European debate in and beyond the referendum. This includes Ekklesia’s ten core principles (which can be shared by Christians and others of good faith) for assessing the claims and counter-claims of the different camps. 


1. Our starting points: belief, nation states and Europe (page 2)

2. Resources and research from a Christian perspective (page 3)

3. Church comment and interventions in the EU debate (page 5)

4. Christian Eurosceptic voices (page 8)

5. Hope in Europe: an alternative Christian perspective (page 10)

Notes, references and further reading (page 13)

The author (page 16)

About Ekklesia (page 16)

Copyright notice (page 17)

* Read and download the full paper (*.PDF Adobe Acrobat document) here: http://www.ekklesia.co.uk/sites/ekklesia.co.uk/files/christian_perspectives_on_eu_referendum.pdf


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