Theos highlights discrimination against Atheists in public life

By Jonathan Bartley
November 24, 2008

Well done Theos! The think tank set up by the Bible Society did a survey the other day which I had missed until I came across it just now.

I am not sure it was their intention to demonstrate this in their polling, but the survey reveals a level of discrimination against Atheists and older people amongst others, that is very disturbing. It also challenges the idea that Christians are facing more discrimination than others when it comes to public life. (This is something that we have being saying at Ekklesia for a while now, so it's great to see the poll results).

The question and responses were: Would you vote for a political leader, such as a president or a prime minister, who was ...

72 years of age 43% No
Muslim 23% No
Gay or lesbian 23% No
Atheist 20% No
Divorced 7% No
Christian 7% No
A woman 7% No
Black 5% No

The full survey and results tables are here.

If the poll is to be believed, when it comes to elections, there is far more prejudice against older people, Muslims, gays and lesbians and Atheists, than there is against Christians - almost in excess of three times more in fact, which is quite an eye-opener. Good that this has now been put on the public record.

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