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 “I’ve picked up Ekklesia’s news briefings all over the world, most recently in Egypt, Cuba, Jamaica and Jordan. Keep up the great work!”
- David Coffey OBE, former President of the Baptist World Alliance

Ekklesia runs a syndicated news briefing and comment service for journalists, policy-makers, opinion-formers, decision-makers NGOs, and charities. Hundreds of churches and organisations now carry Ekklesia's news on their web sites. You can get Ekklesia's news briefs on your web site in seconds, or by signing up for our daily email briefing.

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Ekklesia's briefing is drawn both from primary sources and agencies we collaborate with, giving a unique insight into local and global events - with a particular emphasis on change-making, policy, social movements, religion in the public square, and research and analysis on everything from welfare and economics to conflict transformation and theology.

The daily briefing includes blogs and articles from our top-quality team of commentators.

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