Ekklesia was set up to operate 'virtually', with its freelance / volunteer staff operating from different locations. From 2014-16 we were able briefly to emply part-time staff, but are now back to a contract basis. We are based in Edinburgh and across Britain, and have a flexible events base in London through our partners, Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. We also work in collaboration with associates, consultants and contributors. If you want to contact any of the staff individually by email you can do so by firstname.secondname(at)ekklesia.co.uk To find out more about Ekklesia, see our values statement. Please note that Ekklesia founder Jonathan Bartley stepped down as co-director on 1 June 2016.

Simon Barrow - Director

Simon Barrow has been with Ekklesia in different capacities since 2003, becoming co-director in 2005 and director in 2016. Simon is a commentator, journalist, publisher, NGO consultant, adult educator/trainer and practical theologian. He was for several years a regular columnist with Third way, the magazine of Christian cultural comment. He has contributed to the Scotsman, the Guardian, Mennonite Weekly Review, the Baptist Times, The Times, Political Theology, openDemocracy's Our Kingdom project, and a wide range of other media outlets. He is a member of the executive committee for the Centre for Theology and Public Issues at the University of Edinburgh. From 2000-2005 Simon was global mission secretary for the official ecumenical body Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI), which he also served as assistant general secretary until 2003. He was formerly adviser in adult education and training for Southwark Anglican Diocese (1991-1996) and has worked in current affairs journalism, theological education, international ecumenism, development studies, and as the convenor of a national network of Christian social action groups. Simon has written and co-edited a number of books, including Scotland 2021 (Ekklesia: 2016), Fear or Freedom? Why a Warring Church Must Change (Shoving Leopard: 2008), Consuming Passion: Why the Killing of Jesus Really Matters (DLT: 2005), Christian Mission in Western Society: Precedents, Perspectives, Prospects (CTBI: 2001) and Expanding Horizons: Learning to be the Church in the World (SBCS: 1995). His articles and reviews have appeared in journals such as the British Journal of Theological Education, Mozaik (WSCF), the International Review of Mission (World Council of Churches), Christian, Crucible, Pro Mundi Vita, the International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, Movement and others. Living in Edinburgh, Simon is a member of the Iona Community. An Episcopalian shaped by Mennonite/Anabaptist theology and Catholic spirituality, his research and academic interests include peacemaking, communications, political theology, and the conversation between postmodern faith and other viewpoints - including secular and non-religious ones. He is currently a member of the Accord Coalition steering committee, a trustee of the Inclusive Education Trust, on the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) Ethics Committee, an NUJ delegate to the Scottish TUC, chair of the Scottish Football Supporters Association and on the board of the Dumbarton FC supporters' trust provident society. Simon can be found on Twitter at: www.twitter.com/simonbarrow

Jill Segger - Associate Director

Jill Segger is a freelance writer who contributes to the Church Times, The Catholic Herald, Tribune, and The Friend, among other publications. She is an active member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), a local councillor and activist on political and labour movement issues, and has a particular interest in how spirituality influences our social choices. Jill joined Ekklesia in March 2009 as a copy editor and general editorial adviser. She became an associate director in 2010 and contributes regularly to our news briefing service. Jill is also a musician and composer. For more on her writing and editing services, see: http://www.journalistdirectory.com/journalist/TQig/Jill-Segger. You can follow Jill on Twitter at: http://www.twitter.com/quakerpen

Bob Carling - Publishing and Production 

Bob Carling is a zoologist/pharmacologist with over 30 years experience in publishing. He is Managing Editor of the poetry, short fiction and ‘curious things’ publishing company Cultured Llama, as well as handling production for Ekklesia Publishing, which he helped to establish in 2016. He has previously worked for Academic Press, Chapman & Hall, the Royal College of Physicians, and others, as well as having an impressive freelance portfolio. Now a key part of the Ekklesia team, Dr Carling also writes occasionally for us on science-related issues.

Luke Dowding - Business Development

The newest member of the Ekklesia team, Luke carries a significant breadth of administrative and business management experience from his five years of working within the advertising industry in London. He has a degree in theology from Spurgeon’s College and is currently completing his Masters in Biblical Studies part-time with King’s College London. Luke is a fervent campaigner for LGBT+ rights, and inclusion within faith groups, both in the UK and Albania. He is co-founder of the Soho Gathering (@sohogathering), an inclusive fellowship for those marginalised within the church because of their sexuality or gender identity. He recently married Steven, in what was the first same-sex marriage to be conducted at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church (where he is a deacon and trustee) and one of the first such marriages within the Baptist Union of Great Britain.