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Lockdown, learning, and the Bedroom Tax

Almost every child under 11 in the UK has been born under a Conservative government.

Let's have more faith in each other in 2021

Surveys of public attitudes consistently show that, when asked, people tend to be more positive about their own lives, friends, families and communities than they are about the country or the wider

Liz Truss, Michel Foucault, and Leo Tolstoy

I never imagined Liz Truss would make me think of Tolstoy, but it’s been that kind of year.

The pandemic is exposing the cruelty of Conservative social security policies

The government recently increased the UK’s defence budget substantially, citing the duty of a government to protect its people.

What is the economy for?

Speaking about restrictions to limit the spread of COVID-19, Conservative MP Sir 

Scotland: the threat of a good example?

In recent days devolution has once again become a contentious issue, as  Brexiteer politicians in London, without any apparent sense of irony, proclaimed the benefits of being part of a politi

Poverty and hunger – accept no excuses

The capacity of our society to create confusion, distraction and obfuscation around the issue of poverty and economic injustice seems almost unlimited.

A fantasy Cabinet for a better reality

On top of its countless other failings, one of the features of our current government is an absence of fresh or original thinking.

We need to stop our children being monetised

Student accommodation is a lucrative business.

Interview with Bernadette Meaden

Q. Your new book, Illness, Disability and Caring draws on the wisdom of the Bible to help us better understand various aspects of illness, disability and caring.