In response to Jonathan's blog about not being invited to Number 10


(you're always welcome at number 58), here's a version of the Magnifcat to the tune of The Red Flag (O Tennanbaum)

Sing we a song of high revolt
(Sung to the tune of 'The Red Flag')

Sing we a song of high revolt;
Make great the Lord, his name exalt:
Sing we the song that Mary sang
Of God at war with human wrong.
Sing we of him who deeply cares
And still with us our burden bears;
He, who with strength the proud disowns,
Brings down the mighty from their thrones.

By him the poor are lifted up:
He satisfies with bread and cup
The hungry folk of many lands;
The rich are left with empty hands.
He calls us to revolt and fight
With him for what is just and right
To sing and live Magnificat
In crowded street and council flat

Fred Kaan (1929 - ) based on Luke 2