American history, religion and sociology: books available

By Simon Barrow
December 14, 2010

A small book collection of classic texts on C19th and C20th American history, religion and sociology is available for interested libraries, institutions or individuals.

The material is part of the remaining academic archive of a late friend. The books from the 1960s and '70s, listed below, are in good condition, though used and in a number of cases containing inscriptions. They are housed in London at present - and are available upon collection (or payment for packing and delivery). There is no other charge involved, though suggestions can be made about a donation for anyone offering such.

Other collections on various regions in Africa, new religious movements, the history of Christian mission, anthropology and related issues may also be advertised here in the near future.

If you are interested or want more information, contact me by email (by 23 December 2010) at: simonDOTbarrowATekklesiaDOTcoDOTuk.

• Edward Denning Andrews, The people called Shakers, Dover, 1963
• J M Bumsted, The Great Awakening, Blaisdell, 1970
• Vine Deloria, Custer died for your sins, Avon, 1969
• Philip Drucker, Indians of the North West, American Museum of Natural History, 1963
• WEB Dubois, The soul of black folk, Fawcett, 1961
• Stanley Elkins, Slavery, University of Chicago, 1968
• Leon Festinger, When prophecy fails, Harper, 1964
• Kenneth Goode, From Africa to the United States and then… A concise Afro-American history, Scott Foreman & Co, 1969
• Thomas F. Gossett, Race: the history of an idea in America, Schocken, 1970
• Will Herberg, Protestant Catholic Jew, Anchor, 1960
• Clifford L Holland, The religious dimension in Hispanic Los Angeles, William Carey Library, 1974
• Winthrop A Hudson, American Protestantism, University of Chicago Press, 1961
• Clyde Kluckhohn & Dorothea Leighton, The Navaho, America Museum of Natural History, 1962
• Stuart Levine & Nancy O Lurie, The American Indian today, Penguin, 1968
• William G McLoughlin, Isaac Backus and the American pietistic tradition, Little Brown, 1967
• Gary B Nash, Red, white and black: The peoples of early America, 1974
• Derek L Phillips, Studies in American society, Thomas Crowell, 1965
• David Schneider, American kinship: A cultural account, Prentice Hall, 1968
• August Meier and Elliott Strudwick, The Making of Black America Vol 1, Athenium, 1969
• August Meier and Elliott Strudwick, The Making of Black America Vol 2, Athenium, 1969
• Gilbert Seldes, The stammering society: minor movements, cults, manias, fads, sects and religious excitements in 19th century America, Harper & Row, 1965
• Ben Whittaker, The Fourth World: Victims of group oppression, Schocken, 1973
• Eric Williams, Capitalism and Slavery, Capricorn, 1966
• Benjamin Zablocki, The joyful community: an account of the Bruderhof, Pelican, 1971

Simon Barrow is co-director of Ekklesia.

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