Emerging church, gays, land, films... and corrections

By Simon Barrow
March 8, 2007

There's exciting new material going up on the site all the time. Since yesterday we have added news of a film and theology site (Vic Thiessen); Jonny Baker talking to Ian Mobsby about his new book on fresh expressions of church and 'post-Christendom Anglicanism'; a feature article on Lent, Jerusalem and the thirst for land (Simon Barrow); a plea by New Testament scholar Deirdre Good and her partner Julian Sheffield for the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church USA to resist bullying against LGBT people (see also Jesus' Family Values); an archive piece about theological and political responses to Mel Gibson's 'The Passion'; two Ekklesia comments (on bombing bishops and reform of the House of Lords); plus the usual world and UK news briefing.

Also Savitri Hensman's thoughtful piece, Prayerfully seeking justice and mercy, on equalities law reform now and forty years ago... with a grateful nod to Archbishop Michael Ramsey. (This got temporarily lost when we moved the site on 1 March. Sorry, Savi.)

I should add that we know there are a number of glitches with the new website, and we are working to fix them. Some of the formatting has gone a bit squiffy (code instead of punctuation, and so on, in some articles and features). Plus the automatic transfers from the old site have produced a few techie problems, and there is more material to be transferred manually. Thank you for your patience.

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