Weekly analysis

'Thinking for a Change' is a comment, research and summary email bulletin. It contains analysis of events from the past week, and also what is on the agenda in the week ahead.

The bulletin includes:

• At least two perspective/ comment pieces
• A research focus on a currently live issue
• Roundup of the weeks religious news
• What's on next week's religious news agenda
• Overview of where Ekklesia has been quoted an what we've said
• Focus on one key future event
• 'Thinking in action'
• 'Quotations of the week, and wisdom from the past
• Relevant resources available from Ekklesia
• A special book recommendation

The bulletin is free, and currently subscribed to by over 7,000 people, including activists, journalists, those working in the civil service, key people and organisations involved in public affairs, as well as churches.

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